Case Management

SELF, Inc. accepts participants for emergency housing and transitional housing referred by the Office of Homeless Services. SELF, Inc. accepts participants for the Safe Haven program referred from the Department of Behavioral Health and Intellectual Disability Services.


SELF’s bases our case management services  on guiding principles, and proven best practices that focus on inherent strengths of participants to aid in the achievement of the participant’s primary goal -- to end their homelessness.  We achieve this by:

  • Identifying the individuals needs of the participant and creating a housing and support plan.

  • Establishing a partnership between the participant and their case manager. We engage and involve participants in all aspects of their case planning decisions.

  • Providing needed services in a timely manner.

Our case managers assume the primary responsibility for assessing the needs of program participants, arrange and coordinate the delivery of essential services and resources to assist participants in obtaining a stable, safe and healthy housing arrangement.


Case managers provide an array of housing focused services, which include coordinating appropriate behavioral and physical health services, education, independent living preparation and permanency planning:


  • Housing Planning – the purpose being to address any challenges/barriers which may impair a participant from obtaining and sustaining housing.

  • Goal Setting/Service plan development (Identification, Implementation, and goal attainment) – this is a task/action oriented phase of service provision, which puts plans developed between the case manager and participant into an action plan. Timelines and roles are clearly defined which take into account the individual participant’s understanding of their situation, the uniqueness of their specific situation, and what tasks need to be completed in order to obtain the goal of permanent housing.

  • Assessment and linking participants to available housing resources that meet their needs is the primary goal of service delivery.


  • While housing is the focus of service, case managers also work to connect those participants who need additional services to resources and programs providing:

  • Employment

  • Social Security Benefits (if eligible)

  • Medical Benefits and Services

  • Behavioral Health Services/Treatment

  • Legal Services

  • Education Programs

  • Skills development and/or training

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