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Outreach in Action is a short film that shows the day in the life of a SELF Outreach Worker. The team is led by Tom Felder.

SELF's Outreach team goes out into the community daily and engages individuals experiencing street homelessness who may be in need of services, emergency housing, Safe Haven placement, Drug & Alcohol treatment, or mental health treatment. Then we (the outreach team) will make a referral to the appropriate service provider.


The Outreach Team provides supports and an array of services designed to help make the transition from the streets (homelessness ) to emergency housing a little easier. The team assesses the participants needs to develop the skills necessary to transition to emergency housing independent and permanent housing.


The Outreach Team connects the participant to an array of services, include skill building platforms, personal and character development opportunities, behavioral and physical health services, education, independent living preparation, permanency planning, and access to resources and community contacts

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