Savings Program

Developed by the Office of Housing Services (now the Office of Homeless Services), the Savings Program:

  • Is not mandatory, but case managers strongly encourage participants to save a portion of their income

  • Any amounts deposited are for future housing.  Case managers return the total savings amount upon discharge from the facility.

  • Participants must use money orders to make deposits to their accounts.

  • The program has helped participants save as much as $12,000 during their stay in emergency housing.

Leadership Development
and SELF Motivation:

Facilitator: Supreme Dow

Curator Black Writers Museum

Participant attend a four-day workshop that helps them create a plan for improved personal development including:

  1. Facing the reality of the 21st Century

  2. Remaining relevant in the 21st Century

  3. Building Healthy Relationships

  4. Personal Empowerment Plan “Put a PEP in your step”

The goal of the workshop is to get participants to look honestly at how they arrived at this point in their lives and give them the tools to move forward.

Fatherhood Initiatives


Turning Points for Children provides support for parents at SELF emergency shelters. With the use of  the evidence based Nurturing Parenting Program for Fathers, a 13-week group-based program for developing attitudes and skills for male nurturance designed and implemented specifically for dads, participants learn:

  • The secrets for creating safe, loving, stable, and nurtured families

  • Positive discipline tools taught through a uniquely father-friendly method for successful child behavior management

  • Effective family communication techniques to strengthen the father-child and father-mother relationships

  • How to stop fighting and arguing by using proven-effective strategies for conflict resolution and problem solving

  • How to achieve cooperation and teamwork in family life.

The program provides male caregivers with individual support to help them address personal barriers to engagement with their child/ren and help to resolve these. It also helps them to build a network of peers that supports them in strengthening their bonds with their children, and continue to stay on track with achieving set goals.  The program connects fathers, their children and families to needed resources as well.

 GED Program

The Philadelphia Office of Adult Education (OEA) facilitates SELF’s GED program. Which is open to SELF participants and the community at large. Currently, several men at Outley House are preparing for the GED exam.

Facilitated by the Philadelphia office of adult education Through our relationship with The Paschalville Partnership, introductions were made with the office of adult education (OAE). We realized that offering a GED program inside Outley would benefit our participants immensely. OAE, with some prodding, agreed to make Outley House a training site for the community as well as participants. Currently we have 6 men preparing themselves for the GED exam.

 SELF Healing—Arts Therapy

Intentionally Theatrical Conversations:

Intentionally Theatrical Conversations (ITC) and Freedom Song is a six-week arts initiative housed at Ife Wellness Center that uses elements of Photo Voice as a means for participants to express their trauma through the creative arts. The multi-media project allows participants to release

their personal trauma by speaking their truth through art and seeks to rebuke depression and make pride visible to promote profound healing.

 Dance Therapy

Participants from Susquehanna House danced to inspiring African

drum beats by Yusuf Young at a dance class sponsored by SELF and taught by renowned African dancer Ama Schley. The class allowed participants to express themselves through curated movements that choreographic into an awe-inspiring triumphant dance.


Painting and Drawing

Participants at Station House and Susquehanna House created

beautiful paintings in workshops facilitated by our graduate interns.

Evidence-based Programs

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