Our caring team at SELF, Inc. understands that when someone is homeless, they already feel like they are at the bottom. Staff go the extra mile to ensure they treat participants with dignity and respect using a trauma informed approach to help them.  Many of our team members were once homeless and in the very same position as those they are currently helping. This unique prism offers participants not only reality-based role models, but also a connection bounded by shared experiences.

Evidence-based practices

SELF uses evidenced-based programs to help our participants recover from homelessness, incarceration, substance use and mental health challenges. Interventions with proven track records are more likely to produce the positive effects we want to achieve.  We define evidence based as programs whose:

  • Effectiveness has been demonstrated in rigorous scientific evaluations, or

  • Effectiveness has been demonstrated in large studies with diverse populations or through multiple replications, or

  • Effects are significant and sustained.


Community Advisory Board

SELF alums play an important role in our development.  They offer invaluable direction on programming, are reality-based role models for current participants, and serve as our shining ambassadors. The SELF Community Advisory Board facilitates new interest and initiatives for the organization and our services. The SELF Community Advising Board, or S-CAB, plays an integral role in offering advice and suggestions on current and future programs offered by the organization as well as act as representatives to the community on behalf of the organization.  The S-CAB consists of current and former participants of SELF programs.


As part of its holistic approach to social change, SELF is unswerving in its work to eradicate homelessness in Philadelphia and serves as a national model for innovative programming that prevents homelessness, supports recovery from substance addiction, and assists those experiencing or on the verge of experiencing homelessness. At our core, we believe that by addressing social determinants of health we can improve outcomes and support those healing from homelessness, substance use, and incarceration.

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